SZ Wedding Photo and Films

We are one of India’s top and best wedding photography & cinematography team, based out of Bangalore & Pune. What makes us different is the uniqueness, perspectives and the artistic style. As a designer & story-teller of your photography or cinematography assignment, apart from just following a photojournalism approach to document the event as it’s happening, we brings a creative eye to capture the very emotion of the scene. Our style revolves around photo-journalistic & fine-art coverage, documenting the event & producing artistically pleasing pictures & films. Our photos & films will tell your story even to a 5 years old! We mix simplicity and modern outlook to provide you with gorgeous & breathtaking images & films. Our work has been published across magazines and blogs worldwide. Whether it’s documenting the event, behind-the-scene capture, fun shots, emotions or more, what’s important is that they will be captured in the most beautiful way. Something which you will cherish for your life-time, which you not only enjoy seeing the most, but which you can share with your friends without them getting bored! We brings a creative eye to capture the very emotion of the scene. Capturing human emotions & love is an art which we love to the core. To see more of our samples here: Couple, Wedding, Films.

Each person, associates, second-shooters & interns in the team share the same great passion & enthusiasm for creating memories. We tend to focus on documenting & capturing the fine details that others may often even fail to notice.

Some interesting facts and more information about some key members of the team are down below.

Meet few of the Team

The other side of the lens

Shahana Zuberi

Director, SZ Photo & Films 
Stitched Panorama

Meet Shahana. She is the co-founder and Director of SZ Photo & Films. A very academic type of person, she holds a PhD in Molecular Biology from Munich, Germany. She studied in Bangalore and after graduating in Biology, started working in IISc Bangalore as research associates. One fine day she decided to do a thesis after an encouraging discussion with a visiting German professor. A few months later, she with her bags, ends up in Munich.

While roaming around, she made a “camera” guy falls for her and get married. Assisting her husband in photographing the world, she develop a taste for photography. After moving back to India in 2009, she co-founded SZ Photo & Films with her husband and now manages the day to day operation of the establishment.

She heads the operations and overlook the functioning of the business.

Saulat Zuberi


Meet Saulat. Photography is his hobby and with his vast knowledge of technicality & art of photography, he is our head Consultant. He helps consulting the creative side of the photos & films.

In 1999, he finished engineering school, specialized in computer science, started designing software for semiconductors and knows absolutely nothing about photography. A year later, he decided to move to US and then got persuaded by his friends to buy a tiny Kodak digital camera in 2001 to record some moments for an impromptu trip to Los Angeles. That’s it, and then there was no turning back ! After spending around 4 years in US, he decided to move to Europe, fall in love with a biologist doing PhD in Germany and got married. Of course the camera was always there, though a better DSLR instead of the point-n-shoot.

After spending roughly 10 years out of his country, he moved back to India in 2009, with a believe that every day has something to record and capture. He loves to meet more and more people and record their stories.

Vaijayanti Varma

Lead Photographer

EN8C8671Meet Veg. Lead photographer & the biggest Feminist we have ever seen. For 7 months she works out of Bangalore and for 3 months out of Delhi. For the other 2, she is on vacation. After graduating with a degree in print journalism and a diploma in film & TV production, she started working in New Delhi in an editorial role at a leading national news magazine & newspaper. After some time, thankfully the realization happen that she should be spending more time in photography than prints and she decided to enroll herself for an international post graduate diploma in Photography.

Ms. Photographer is a wedding-junkie and loves everything about them, from the fast paced environment to the amazing food to the pure happiness and joy that one can only experience at a wedding. She has a real, evocative photo-journalistic approach to capturing a wedding which mostly is a fusion of fine-art, contemporary, and playful images. She keeps it real & capture true emotion with the prime focus on the moment. Movement, emotion, rhythm are expressions of life and this is what she want to celebrate with her photography.

Shantnu Arya

Lead Cinematographer & Photographer

ShantnuMeet Shantnu. A graduate in Graphic & Communication Design, you can expect him to design anything related to wedding. He is also our “to-go” person for any issues, be it photography related or not. If we are hungry, or need logistics support, or missed a flight and needs to be in another city for another wedding assignment, Shantnu is the guy to look for.

A highly creative person from heart, he loves anything creative. He works out of New Delhi & Pune and is a true all-rounder. From capturing photos he can switch to capturing films within seconds and can even shoot both at the same time! As a designer he also love designing albums. Basically he does everything (almost).

Ravi Vazirani

Lead Cinematographer & Film Editor

RaviMeet Ravi. While growing up, his dream was always to make films, and after graduating from Film and Video Design from MIT Institute of Design he did exactly that. His hungriness for stories and the love of latest technology make sure that the couples always remember their wedding in the best possible way.

He started his journey into film and video by simply mixing and matching shots of his favorite films to the music he liked. The montage style of film making. He believes that the effect one can achieve by juxtaposition of images is unique to film, unlike music, literature, theater or photography. His film editing is not simply stringing together of shots in a linear fashion, rather its guiding the psychological attention and eye of the audience to develop a particular emotion. And he simply excel in that. He now lives in Pune and make beautiful wedding films.

Saurabh Kulkarni

Lead Photographer

IMG_5416-2Meet SPK (The name has nothing to do with Amir Khan Starrer PK). He was born & brought up in Pune and loves the city so much that not surprisingly he is still living there. Graduated in Electrical Engineering but influenced by fine art and conceptualization, his photo work is an ongoing exploration of the possibilities of creative form via the simplest means.

Apart from weddings & people, he shoots landscapes, wildlife & pretty much everything. He believes that though a photograph itself a speechless but it tells a lot to everyone. A very down to earth person, he always tries to learn something new at every assignment he does.