SZ Wedding Photo and Films

Even though a picture speaks a thousand words, we always get that nice feeling to receive some words of appreciation from our clients. Here are some snippets of what some of our clients have to say about us.

Ruchika & Bandish

Go ahead & book them!

In my mind, I made the decision of SZ being my wedding photographers years before I actually got married. Came across their work via a friend's friend. Go ahead and book them for your special day without any second thoughts. Professional, but at the same time friendly and warm, SZ and team gave me some lovely memories from the pre-wedding shoot and the wedding functions.A huge shout out to the team for giving me perfect memories from the D-Day! Such lovely pictures that capture the tiniest of details, and a wedding video that you can watch over and over again!

Raksha & Pruthvee

Extremely Talented & Professional

Well we may be biased... But we would argue that SZ team are the best photographers out there .. The moment we saw their work we knew they were the ones... On each occasion SZ team went beyond our expectations. Such a beautiful team to work with. Patient cool calm composed and more importantly very creative and co operative I should say my whole family and friends are glad that my wedding pictures have turned out to be so gorgeous and these beauties are gonna be treasured forever. They are extremely talented, professional, timely, calm composed, attentive and accommodative. They have eyes to see things that make absolutely amazing pictures. There is no second thought about them. They understand how important the role they are playing and take it very seriously. We would definitely recommend them...

Jaya & Arka

Brilliantly Excelled Team

Weddings are a time when the whole family comes together, everyone is emotionally & physically charged up, every detail is scrutinized and above all everyone (most importantly the bride 🙂 ) wants to look good (read awesome) in the pictures. Needless to say the SZ Photo & Films team brilliantly excelled and captured every moment uniquely. This team of dedicated professionals is very amiable and within moments became part of the family. The professionalism in their work was looked at with sheer awe and perceived as an art in progress. As a bride it is important to realize that the photographer will be with you throughout the wedding day. Within minutes of meeting the team you know they truly care about you & your event and will be there to not only capture the day, but to celebrate in it with you. They not only preserve your memories of the special day but enrich the entire experience. The wedding pics were absolutely astounding and phenomenal with some describing the pictures as being poetic rather than a still snapshot. All my friends and family are just astonished by their talent. We couldn't be happier with the level of professionalism, creative excellence, innovation and unique aesthetic design. Thank you for making us feel like a celebrity on the most important day of our life! 🙂

Shejal & Tanmay

Fun kind of Pictures

Well I contacted SZ team through wedmegood as I really liked the pictures they posted here. They were the fun kind of pictures I would have wanted at my wedding. But since I didn't know them then, and we didn't get a pre-wedding shoot done during our wedding, I was looking for a photographer now. I contacted them and they were very professional in setting up the meeting so that I knew exactly what I was getting into and what would be required from my end for the shoot. They gave me a lot of ideas of themes, and outfits and accessories that I had to work with. My husband and I then finalized the themes and the location we wanted to get the shoot done at and SZ team was always there to help us with which outfit will look good where. Throughout the shoot they were really patient while we changed our poses and moved from one location to the other. They were always smiling and encouraging us to do different and fun things like the brief. They had state of the art cameras and so much experience that we thought they will give us just the stipulated amount of time they said they would. But they didn't give up until they got the perfect shot they were looking for without worrying about the time. During the entire shoot they didn't crib once because we took time to change or set up our props etc. It was a pleasure working with them and the pictures have come out just amazing. I am no longer sad of not doing a pre wedding shoot. 😀 😀 Thanks a lot SZ team for the great pics and memories 🙂

Ruchi & Anmol

Immensely Talented

We contacted SZ team after looking at my colleague's wedding photos and videos worked on by them. I must say they are immensely talented in their work. From day one till end, the whole team was so enthusiastic and lively for all the shoots we did together. The best part about them is you won't feel their presence around you to pose for the pictures. They let you enjoy your wonderful moments and do their task expertly. They have created such wonderful memories of our lives' big day that we can't thank them enough. We are so so glad that we contacted them and they did the magic in capturing the venues, emotions, rituals etc etc. Hope we work together again. Thank you SZ team!

Arshiya & Javed

Truly Magicians

Truly amazing. SZ team has the power to take you back to your special moments and relive them through their photography. After almost a year, we happened to go through all our pictures today (the wedding & post marriage ones). All I can say is that we literally have no words to describe how fabulous they are and we couldn't be more pleased with the way each picture has turned out to be. We wish we could send the SZ team all the compliments we have received from our friends & family who have seen the pictures. The most used word by them to describe their work has been AMAZING and we couldn’t agree more. SZ team is incredibly talented and extremely committed to their passion.As we had missed our prenup shoot, we did get a chance to do our post nup shoot after 7 months and I should say they goes out of their way to get the best shot. We remember that during our post marriage shoot, by the time we would pose and turn to look, either they would be flat on the road or behind a tree trying to get the best possible shot… and we would end up laughing looking at them ... and there they go in a span of a second … a click… and it would be like a beautiful shot!! And to top it all, they made us a celebrity 🙂 Since our marriage everyone loved and complimented all our pictures. They are friendly, extremely perfect at their work and highly recommended by us! Thank you so much SZ team for giving us these treasures to hold on to for the rest of our lives and they are truly priceless as we get to relive every moment over and over again.... you truly are Magicians - your fans for life - Arshu & Javed.

Ritu & Bobby
New York

Absolute Creative Geniuses

SZ team created absolute magic with our wedding pics and gave us the most beautiful memories for a lifetime. An impeccable work ethic, dedication to every client's satisfaction and an amiable buddy quality is what makes their services unique. They are professional, always on time (sometimes even before time to capture a few frames) and possesses immense knowledge and photography skills coming from over 10 years of experience in this field. Having worked for big brands and top name weddings, you will come across them as a very down to earth, friendly people with a keen eye for detail and creativity. Their vast overseas working experience makes them a pleasure to work with during US hours. We worked with so many vendors for our wedding but their lack of professional conduct and limited knowledge flustered us until we started working with SZ team. They were very understanding of our time constraints and stayed up late nights to connect with us and coordinate our wedding theme and story in the most professional manner. An over achiever, they sets very high standards for themselves and we have only seen them beat them.We not only found our photographers in them but you will be pleasantly surprised to find great, unique wedding planning ideas in your inbox during the process. Coordinating an Indian wedding sitting in the US was a nightmare with our wedding planner but SZ team came across as a breath of fresh air. During the process, they not only themed our photo shoot rising at 4 am to capture us but also kept us engaged by educating this novice couple about it. Their pictures have a story to tell and the story for each couple is unique to their personalities. Connecting with them and hiring SZ team was the best decision we ever made for our wedding. Their collection of lenses is what got me intrigued and they used them lavishly to weave cinematic illusion. The emails of compliments and this review may not do justice to their incredible work so I invite you to view their portfolio of our wedding and see the magic for yourself from the wizard himself. Keep up the great work SZ team, you are indeed our family photographers and we look forward to the next wedding in our family. Absolute creative geniuses--here's a big shout out to you!

Hemlata & Prateesh

Breathtaking Works of Art

BEWARE OF THESE PHOTOGRAPHERS...!!! YES.. SZ team can make you stand in awe with their photographs. Their photos are breathtaking works of art, absolutely eye catching and stunning... you gotta be prepared to take the MAGICIANS on easy.. 😉 They are a young photographers with a fresh take on craft and a very creative style. I liked how they wern't stuffy and were very friendly to work with. They delivers both with skill, good nature, and a real sense of fun around the set. Their plus is they being no nonsense guys and have a non-invassive approach to picture taking. We are so glad to have them do our wedding..!!! The pictures have come beyond extraordinary. They have brought to the table a keen eye for vivid colors, capturing special moments and detailing my day to look like the pics from my fav glossies. I couldn't be happier with the results and I am so thankful for finding such young and proficient photographers. HIGHLY recommended. If I could give them 10 stars, I would... Look forward to work with you again.

Sanchali & Amit

Extremely Creative & Enthusiastic

SZ team are truly gifted photographers with the ability to make everything within the frame look beautiful. Choosing the right wedding photographer is a very important decision and I'm glad I made the perfect choice despite staying away from the country. They are extremely creative, enthusiastic and goes out of their way to take the best shot with the most perfect light settings. I remember for our outdoor couple shoot to one of the old forts around Pune, the main photographer was limping with a severe ankle sprain. However that did not mar his energy even a bit. He didn't flinch a bit climbing high steps, rocks, lying on the road, weeds anything to take the best shot, all with his paraphernalia of glasses and flashes. Initially my family was hesitant booking a candid photographer, but when the pictures were delivered, EVERYONE was wowed. Compliments flew in from everywhere - family, friends, acquaintances, and even from people we didn't know :). They indeed made us look wonderful on our special day. Thanks a ton SZ team! Keep up the great work!

Saloni & Amit

Moments of Tenderness, Joy and Warmth

SZ team are extremely talented photographers. They made our wedding memories even more memorable with the beautiful pictures. They are people who can make a monotonous moment look so magical....turn any ordinary location look so great in the picture. They goes that extra mile to take shots which turn out to be outstanding. They have a great eye for detail and covered each n every function and captured the moments of tenderness, joy and warmth. They created a friendly bond and made us so comfortable that made me look good even where i wasn't . Thank you SZ team for the lovely memories. Lots of love. Saloni and nitin.

Tejal & Devanshu


Finding the right photographer is the most critical and painstaking part of wedding planning. Convincing parents for a candid photographer was'nt really an easy task initially, but SZ team truly wowed everyone with their work. They are ones who do justice to each and every frame that they captures.  Compliments flew in from everywhere for the amazing pictures. They takes a different approach on each assignment that they do and takes every possible effort to make it impeccable. Be it climbing on to a fort's roof or lying on the floor to capture the best frame. You will find truly professional photographers and good friends in them. The stand out factor being they gels very well with one and all, not to mention all my girl friends got their best facebook profile pictures from them 🙂 They would truly bring out the star in you on your special day. Thanks SZ team for making us look like stars on the most important day of our life. You have given us beautiful memories to cherish for a lifetime. 🙂

Madhura & Prathmesh

Amazing Photos

We are glad we chose SZ team as our wedding photographer. We were determined to have candid shots of our wedding, and the photos they delivered were exactly what we were looking for! The photos were amazing in all aspects: expressions and moments captured, colors and editing. We also liked the photo sharing medium these guys use: the PASS app which make the photos readily and easily available on computers, tablets and phones to share with friends and family. Thanks a lot to SZ team for capturing our beautiful moments! 🙂

Priyanka & Divyamanu
New Delhi

Beyond our Expectations

The kind of photographs SZ team did for us were beyond our expectations. They have captured love, family and our emotions in their photographs and these are memories which we will cherish forever. We never knew wedding photography could be like this. Thanks SZ team for keepsakes of the beautiful moments we enjoyed at my brothers wedding. Till next time 🙂