SZ Wedding Photo and Films

Wedding Packages

Since every wedding is different & unique, along with your requirements, there are no fixed packages. Some may not need us for full days, some may opt for albums, while some may take other services, and as such we don’t offer any packages. Instead, our pricing is customized based on your unique requirements.  To customize depending on your requirement, please feel free to discuss with us.

General Pricing

– Creative Wedding Photo & Film services start at ₹ 75,000.
– Creative Couple Photo & Film services start at ₹ 25,000.
– Creative Portrait / Food / Maternity Photo & Film coverage start at ₹ 15,000.

Quote typically includes a team of 2-3 persons for photo and a team of 2-3 persons for film services. Deliverable will be delivered online using cloud services and physically on usb pen drive. Albums can be added if required.

For creative photos, we’ll process all the photos manually one by one, using our signature style which we have developed over the years, and you’ll get all high-resolution pictures in JPG format. In our experience, for weddings, there will be around 350-600 photos for a day, while for half a day couple shoot there will be around 75-150 photos. For cinematographic films, you’ll get 2 professionally edited HD films: 2-5 minutes trailer or highlight and 20-45 minutes full wedding film (length depends on lots of factors like the number of events, actions, flow & mood of the wedding, etc.).

Payment Terms

Since we have to say no to other assignments for the same dates, we require 50% of the payment at booking time towards booking fees to block the dates. Remaining 50% is due on the last day of the assignment. Since editing is a customized work and it takes time to artistically process the photos, work on the film flow, etc, the delivery of photos & films will be approximately in 2 to 3 months from the last day of the assignment.

Travel & Stay

Our quote generally doesn’t include travel & accommodation (if outside our city). For travel cost, we’ll work out the best possible means to travel available from our city to the venue city and the fare will be as per the most reasonable available. For accommodation, we are usually the guests of the family and though we don’t require anything luxurious, having a decent & clean room will be the expectation. To get an exact quote, please feel free to discuss with us. You may also visit our FAQ page.

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