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Here is general Wedding Photography information and a list of questions we are often asked. The list is long and we try not to cut short on details when answering, still if there’s anything which is not covered here, or if you have some doubts, please feel free to contact us.

Do you travel for assignments?

Of course! We love to travel and visit new places. We have shot in Europe, US & almost all over India, including New Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Goa, Chennai, Hyderabad, Calcutta, Pune, Jaipur, Jodhpur, & Udaipur. We would certainly love to travel for your assignment.

What is your style? Is you style only candid?

Candid is an overused term in India now days. Technically, candid capture means capturing moments and subject when the subject is not aware, but people nowadays use it to means a genre which is “better” in term of quality, composition & lighting than the old traditional studio style approach. Though mainly in weddings, we stick to photo-journalistic approach, there are times especially in couple shoot, when we love to direct and create scene or mood. We mix different genres & style and over the years have develop our personal unique style, be it in capturing photos, films or editing. Our style is to do whatever it takes to create artistic and beautiful memories for you and that is what you see in photos and films on our website. To know more about us, please visit our about page. In the end its not only about the quality work, but the whole experience. What you get with us in terms of experience, you won’t find anywhere else.

Will you cover everything? Will all the guests be covered?

The short answer is ‘no’. We can’t guarantee coverage for all. We’ll mainly focus around the area where the action will be and will focus on bride, groom, immediate family, close friends and anyone else who is a part of the action. If someone sits in the corner, he or she may miss in terms of coverage. We also does not do typical traditional coverage such as “posed” reception stage shots. There is nothing artistic in those shots and its more about operator job as long as the camera settings are correct. If your requirement is also for traditional photo and video, please let us know and we’ll include our traditional team in the quote.

What is your pricing? Does it include travelling?

Since every wedding is different & unique, along with your requirements, there are no fixed packages. Exact quote is mainly based on number of days and varies depending on type of coverage required, team size, prints & albums, etc. and as such we don’t offer any fixed packages.  To get a customised quote, please feel free to discuss with us. Location or travel will not affect the base pricing, except of course the travel & stay cost. To know more about the general pricing please visit our pricing page or contact us.

For assignments outside our city, travel & stay are usually not included unless you want an all-inclusive quote. For travel cost, we’ll work out the best possible means to travel available from our city to venue and the fare will be as per the most reasonable available (usually road/train travel for shorter distances and flight for longer distances). For accommodation, we are usually the guests of the family and though we doesn’t require anything luxurious, having a decent & clean room will be the expectation.  To get an exact quote, please feel free to discuss with us.

What is your team size? How many people will be capturing the wedding?

The team size totally depends on you and your requirement.  We almost always recommend at least a two-person team for photography and / or a two person team for cinematography. But we may end up bumping team size further, depending on the event size and other factors like multiple actions going on at the same time. In case you are also looking for traditional coverage, then more people will be needed. Our recommendation is to hire one team for both Bride and Groom side for both creative as well as traditional requirement. Not only it helps to keep the crew crowd low, it also avoid confusion between different teams.

What will be the deliverable?

In general, for creative photos you’ll get all photos in JPG format professionally color-corrected and immaculately edited. In our experience, for weddings there will be around 350-700 photos for a day, while for half a day outdoor couple session there will be around 75-150 photos. For cinematographic films, you’ll get two professionally edited HD films: 2-5 minutes trailer or highlight and 20-45 minutes full wedding film (length depends on lots of factor from number of events, actions, flow & mood of the wedding, etc.).

We deliver online using cloud services. Your photos will be in cloud for 10 years and will get display in a beautiful way depending on the size & orientation of the device used to view the photos. You can also download an app for your iOS & Android phone & tablet to view and store the photos offline on your devices. For films, you’ll get a link to download videos in HD format from cloud storage. For trailer, we’ll also maintain a Vimeo link for 10 years which you can use for sharing to friends and family. Albums can be added as per your requirements. We’ll be happy to customize the deliverable depending on your requirement.

What is the delivery timeline?

Depending on other commitments and peak wedding season, the delivery time is usually 2 to 3 months from the event date. For photos, each one of them will be processed manually to color correct and depicts the mood which we envisioned when taking them. It may take anywhere from 1 minute to 10 minutes to edit one single photo. Since every photo is different with different lighting, there is no single template to apply and we need to manually process each one of them which takes time. We do understand that you all must be waiting for photos, and we usually deliver some samples from all events within 3 weeks on request. For cinematographic films, coming up with a story & flow while syncing with audio take lots of time. But we’ll do whatever we can to try to deliver as soon as possible.

How many photos will we get finally? Can we get all RAW photos?

We don’t put any limit on number of photos. A perk of using digital cameras is we tend to take lots of pictures. Many of them need to be outright rejected because of bad focusing, exposure issues, someone walking into the frame or missed focus. After that, many may end up as repetitive shots because of burst mode we may use to capture the moments. Those will be deleted as well. Whatever is left will be processed manually one at a time with our signature style and will be delivered to you. So in essence, you will get all the photos we have which are not repetitive or bad in terms of focus /exposure, etc. In our experience, for weddings there will be around 350-700 photos for a day, while for half a day outdoor couple session there will be around 75-150 photos.

Regarding RAW, we don’t deliver that. We only deliver photos in JPEG format. RAW is a binary data which requires editing or special software to even view them. Our final product is the processed photos which needs to be capture and then edited to get the final creation which we have envisioned before taking the picture. Asking us not to edit and deliver RAW directly is a half cook meal and as an artist we would love to deliver the final and finished product only. Also, as photographers we are the author and own the rights of the pictures (if and when they ever are used commercially) and we would like to keep the RAW format with us. In case you would like to buy the copyright, please feel free to talk to us for buying the entire copyright and RAW file.

What about cinematographic films? Why you deliver only short films? Can we get longer films? Also can we get all RAW dump?

The length of two edited cinematographic HD films depends on lots of things like number of days, events, & mood. A trailer can be anywhere from 2-5 minutes long and the full video can be anywhere from 20-50 minutes long. A longer film than what is fitting in the story, will make it non-interesting and boring. We need lots of footage to get something interesting out if it. Also the longer it is, its more difficult to fit and work with background scores & music. Even a typical Hollywood film getting shot for a year will result in only two hours of interesting story. We request you to care for the quality and not for the length & quantity. For length & coverage, you should be looking for traditional videography. The deliverable there are longer films, which are shot in a way to give coverage and document everything non-stop, but they won’t be interesting and will not be shot in a cinematographic approach.

Regarding unedited dumps, you can have them all for archival purposes. But so that you understand, unedited movie files typically are small movies ranging from few seconds to half a minute. To be creative, we need to move around for different angles and compositions and camera goes “on & off” all the time, rather than be “on” and documenting everything. Moving around will give us creative shots but also give us multiple files with small duration. To be watchable, those needs to be edited and made into a watchable film.

Will you take our inputs in coming up with the flow of films? What about music and other footage or flow inputs?

Yes. Since requirement along with taste is different for different people, its always good to discuss with us about what kind of films you are looking at. We do every possible effort to understand and incorporate your inputs but many times the film flow and choice of footage depends on how your events unfolds, and its not always possible to make a film entirely based upon your inputs. The actual flow, choice of music & footage and other things depends on many factors, how the events unfolds, what was the overall mood, what we were thinking and envisioning when taking the shot, etc. But we do encourage you to talk to us about your taste and choice in terms of music, footage & mood. We’ll try our best to incorporate those choices and will come up with a film which you most certainly will love.

We won’t be able to change the background score and music after delivering the film and so if you do have certain preference and choice, please do discuss with us before we deliver the film.

What if we don't like the final delivered photos or films? Will you re-edit for us?

If you hire us for your wedding, there is a high chance that you like our work. What you see here is what you will get. We capture the moments & memories for you and edit with our signature style and that is what you can expect to get delivered to you.

For photos, if you feel a few are missing, unfortunately we can’t do much in that case. As we mention above, if someone is not a part of action, he/she may get miss in coverage. If covering something or someone is important, please discuss with us about it before the event. If coverage is important for you, please hire a traditional photographer who will make sure to cover everyone. Apart from coverage, if you feel photos are not edited correctly we’ll work to understand your concerns and will make sure you are happy with the results in the end. But the type of editing you see on our website or in any of our work somewhere else, is what you’ll get. Photos do get edited in terms of lighting, contrast, skin tones, etc but we don’t structurally modify objects, for example changing shapes, facial features, etc. If you are looking to change such aspects, please discuss with us before hiring us.

For films, we do take every effort to understand your taste and requirement before the final edit is delivered. But there still may be a possibility when you would like us to change few minor things like moving around few frames, or simply addition or subtraction of certain footage. Even though they may look minor, a little change here and there typically require us to re-edit a huge portion of the film. A little music change, may make the whole flow go out of sync. Still, we understand your concern and will make sure that they are taken care of by doing one minor re-edit complimentary. But please note that any further changes to the film after one re-edit will be chargeable.

Also please note that not all changes can be incorporated. We may simply be missing the footage or that footage or music may simply doesn’t go with flow at all. There may be certain tunes which sounds awesome independently, but may not go well with your footage. We are professional and expert in our field and our request to you is to give us the creative freedom in deciding what goes well with your footage. In the end, its a high probability that you may end up liking the first version of what we delivered initially, than for example the change of music you may have asked us to do in the second version.

Who owns the copyright? Will our photos or films be on social networking sites or your website?

You pay for the images or films for us to create art for you and you get certain rights for them. You will get perpetual rights which means you will be free to do anything with all the photos and films (print them, share them, do whatever) as long as you are not using them commercially (earning money). If there are commercial aspect involve (very rare) and you need commercial rights to sell the images, please feel free to discuss with us.

We may use a couple of photos or films online on our website / Facebook, etc. That’s how we market ourself and that might be the most probable reason of you being here. There will be lots of awesome shots & footage in terms of technicality in your wedding and we would love to share some as our portfolio for marketing purposes to other couples. If you would like to have all photos or films private, you can have that by paying a small premium, which typically is what we would spent to market ourself instead of photos or films .

Do you design and offer albums?

Yes. After numerous years of trying & testing different vendors, we have shortlisted a select few, offering premium & exquisite albums which can offer you the very best for your photos. The album cost is what the printing companies charge us and we don’t add any premium on top of the that. In fact, we’ll also design the albums for you with no additional charges. There is a range depending on the paper, cover options & sizes. If you don’t want to go with us for albums, you can get it done from anywhere as you will have all high resolution pictures. Please feel free to contact us to know more details.

What equipment you use?

Usually a chef doesn’t get asked what utensils he/she will be using, but surprisingly photographers are asked this question often. So, to answer the questions, even though its the eyes which matters and not the camera, we use a variety of professional equipment to make sure we deliver professional work. We use our eyes & senses, full frame bodies, fast prime lenses, on & off camera lights, remote triggers, stabilizers, jibs, professional microphones, and whatever else it take to create memories for you. We always keep the list up to date and constantly changing.

What are your payment terms?

Since we block the dates for you, we’ll be saying no to other enquiries. And as such we need 50% of the payment towards booking fees. Once book, we’ll block the dates for you, which means we’ll be not be taking any other assignment for your days. The balance 50% is required on or before the last day of assignment.

Your pricing is little out of our budget. Do you negotiate?

Even though we understand the budgetary requirement, we don’t negotiate. Just like any other services, you will find some photographers providing their services for less while some providing for more than ours. We believe, people should choose us because they like our work, rather than because we are cheap or expensive than someone else. We’ll not only make you happy with our work but will make sure all possible efforts to give you a great overall experience.

Art & creativity do come at a price. Capturing wedding and delivering quality art is a lot of effort. Its not just spending a couple of days at your event but it also involves lot of post processing for each and every photo, manually for weeks. For films, to come up with an interesting story, the effort is endless hours of editing for weeks. In the end what we can guarantee you, are priceless moments captured creatively as what you see here. You may not get the cheapest work delivered but you will surely get the quality work delivered. Still if you have certain budget, please mention it and we’ll try to recommend a plan (most probably with less number of days and typical deliverable) workable for both of us.

Perfect! We want to go ahead. How early we need to book you and how?

As early as possible. Depending on the dates, we may be free for next month or may not be free even for next year. Usually 6 months is a good time to book, as good photographers & cinematographers do get booked early. For booking, there will be few formalities, such as drafting and e-signing a service agreement and we’ll also need 50% payment for blocking of the dates. Please feel free to contact us to know availability and more details.

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